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by Boab IT Technologist


7 VoIP Setup Tips for a More Productive Office

The global pandemic put a big emphasis on the need to run a business from anywhere. Enabling employees to work remotely requires cloud solutions. This includes collaborative platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems have also become critical.

VoIP allows companies to stay in contact with customers and potential customers. Employees can work from anywhere and still answer the business phone line. Callers get a similar experience no matter where employees may be working, office, or home.

When you have people working from home, those old landline systems are inefficient. This has led to a large movement by businesses to VoIP. Both for necessity and cost-savings.

According to Microsoft, 82% of organizations have reported saving money after implementing VoIP.

While VoIP is the way to go for the future, this doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. Companies that don’t set up their system efficiently, can experience issues. This includes things like dropped calls, low bandwidth, and features left unused.

If you’ve been struggling to make your cloud phone system more efficient, check out these tips below. They provide setup best practices for VoIP. Use these to positively impact your bottom line.

Maximizing Efficiency with VoIP: Key Strategies

  1. Check Network Capabilities: Ensure your network can handle the increased bandwidth demands of VoIP. Address issues like jitter, packet loss, and router settings to prevent dropped calls and audio issues.

  2. Prioritize VoIP Software with QoS Rules: Use Quality of Service (QoS) settings in your router to prioritize VoIP traffic. This ensures smooth calls and reliable cloud phone system performance.

  3. Provide Quality Headsets: Invest in high-quality headsets for your team. This improves call quality and reflects positively on your firm.

  4. Set Up Departments & Ring Groups: Utilize VoIP’s feature to create ring groups for different departments. This streamlines call routing and enhances client service.

  5. Create a Company Directory: Implement an auto-assistant and set up a company directory to guide callers efficiently. This saves time and improves the caller experience.

  6. Voicemail to Email Feature: Encourage employees to use voicemail-to-email for efficient message management. Transcribed messages sent to email or SMS save time and prioritize important calls.

  7. Comprehensive Team Training: Ensure your team is well-trained in using the VoIP system and understands the call handling process.

At Boab IT, we understand the unique needs of law firms. That’s why we offer our own VoIP system, tailored to the legal industry. Our system is versatile, available via Unified Communications, handsets, or a mobile app.

Key Features:

  • LEAP Integration with CallSmart: Our system integrates seamlessly with LEAP, offering time tracking for billing, call recording, and transcription. This integration, enabled by CallSmart, is a game-changer for law firms looking to streamline operations.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Client Service: By leveraging our VoIP system, law firms can improve their communication efficiency, ensuring every client interaction is captured and accounted for.

Get Expert Assistance

If your law firm is looking to enhance its phone system for better client interaction and operational efficiency, contact Boab IT. Our experts can guide you in setting up a VoIP system that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your firm’s growth.

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