Managed Network
and Internet for Lawyers

Its not just internet!

Boab IT’s Managed Network and Internet for Lawyers can provide a complete connectivity solution from end to end. Including fully monitored and configured firewalls, data switches and WiFi access points, seamlessly matched with the best internet service that your law firm requires.

Fast and secure

Choose your speed, leave the rest to us

Best for Cloud

Dependent on Cloud, we can keep up

Business Grade SLA

99.9% uptime, 24/7 monitoring

Monitoring and Support

When you’re using our managed network and internet for lawyers service, we don’t just wait for you to call our support team like most IT companies do. We prefer to proactively monitor and maintain every device we have under management. This means continually keeping an eye on your network so we are aware of the health of each devices hardware performance, configurations and network traffic so it can compare this information with historical trends and best technical practices so we can be alerted if something doesn’t add up.


First we will run a Service Qualification to ensure the service can be delivered to your location. All looking good, we will submit the request to the various carriers required to install the service, which will usually include a visit by a carrier technician to connect the internet service. Once the service has been installed, all you need to do is connect the WatchGuard firewall which will have been shipped to your office. As all devices will be preconfigured by Boab IT, you only need to connect the firewall to the NTU and power and your online.

A successful installation of our Managed Network Solution is dependant on three factors:

  1. The building your service is being installed to has the appropriate physical infrastructure capacity (ie enough copper in the ground to deliver ethernet services or the equivalent fibre service) to deliver the service.
  2. The building your business occupies has sufficient capacity and your tenancy is connected to the building communications room or equivalent.
  3. The building or tenancy your business occupies has a central data cable termination point. Generally a communications cabinet or similar.

If infrastructure capacity is limited, we will notify you during after you have submitted your order and advise you of your options.

If any of the building or tenancy cabling do not meet the above requirements, you may required to engage an electrician to complete the necessary works before the internet service can be installed.

All internet solutions include unlimited uploads and downloads, subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy.
Due to its design and infrastructure, NBN Co are currently unable to provide Business services on the NBN network. In the event of a network outage or disruption, there are no guarantees or guides to when a return of service can be expected.
Whilst the timing will vary, it can take between 4-8 weeks. Please also be aware that during November through to January, most carriers have an embargo period where no installations will occur.