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Does Your Law Firm Need an ABN to Register a Domain Name?

Are you launching a new website for your law firm? Perhaps you already have a site up and running? Either way, for domains ending in .au,, or, you must link your Australian Business Number (ABN) to your domain used for commercial purposes. Here is what you need to know..

Registering a Domain Name

Your domain is the name of your website. Specifically, it is what you type into your address bar – at the top of your web browser – to access your website.

Having the same domain as your business name is the easiest way for people to find you. For instance, if your law firm’s name was Bronson Legal, a suitable domain would be

To register your domain, you must use a domain registration administer, such as the Australian Domain Name Authority (auDA).

When to Provide an ABN to Register a Domain

You must provide your ABN to register a domain that ends in .au,, or These domain extensions are reserved for commercial use only. When you register a .au domain, you must provide your:

  • ABN
  • Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • Trademark number (if relevant)
  • Business Number (BN)

If your domain ends or .net, you do not need to provide an ABN. However, once you start using your site to promote a commercial service, you must provide your ABN. Otherwise, the auDA may take down your site.

Updating Your ABN for an Existing Domain

Have your ABN numbers or details changed recently? Then, you must update your ABN details with your applicable registered domain. You can update your ABN details through your domain hosting self-service platform. Alternatively, your domain host can update it for you.


Why Do I Need an ABN to Register a .au Domain?

To prove you have a genuine presence and business purpose in Australia. Also, an ABN verifies your identity and eligibility to hold a .au domain. These measures help protect Australian businesses and consumers from domain registration misuse, such as business imitation.

Can You Have a .au Domain Without an ABN?

You cannot register a .au domain without providing your ABN. This step is part of the .au domain registration process.

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