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ALPMA Summit 2022 – Come and find us!

Given the events of the past two years, and the inevitable postponement of our 2020 and 2021 Summits, this year ALPMA are embracing the opportunity to completely reimagine the delivery of their annual flagship event.

The theme for this year’s Summit is ‘Reaching New Heights’ and we are all looking forward to reconnecting with other ALPMA members and partners for what we are confident will be the. Best. Summit. Ever.

Legal Tech Summit 2017 – Leveraging Technology for Strategic Firm Growth Session

The Legal Tech Summit brought together leaders from a wide range of firms and in-house teams to access the latest insight and best practices from the leading authorities on legal technology. Nicholas Carr was invited to present a session dedicated to showcase best practices regarding the use of technology in the modern law firm.

Law Society of NSW – Sole Practitioners CPD

The Law Society of NSW invited Nicholas Carr, Managing Director, to present at their latest Sole Practitioners CPD event on the 17th of March 2017. Titled ‘How do my files not become the panama papers?’, the session covered all aspects of data security and the best ways to protect your staff and your data from infection and/or ransomware.

ALPMA – Technology for Law Firms: Expert Panel Session

Facilitated by Warrick McLean, CEO, Coleman Greig Lawyers and ALPMA National Board Projects Director, the expert panel, James Boocock, Thomson Reuters, Nicholas Carr, Boab IT and Richard Chew, Sparke Helmore Lawyers talked through the stumbling blocks law firms face and how to resolve these to invest in the right IT with the right contracts in place to move the business forward.

In this session they covered:

Where law firms go wrong when bringing in new practice management systems and infrastructure and how to get it right at the start.

When is there a business case for change.

Where you should focus your attention to get the best return from your IT investment for longer.

Law Society of NSW – Technology Showcase

Managing Director, Nicholas Carr, presented the first ever technology showcase at the Law Society of New South Wales to existing clients and members.

Queensland Law Society – Symposium

The QLD Law Society Symposium was a wonderful day sharing our experiences when dealing with technology in law firms. Great to see so many come by for a chat.

Law Institute of Victoria – Symposium

The team from Boab IT showcased our devices and services to the large turn out at the Law Institute of Victoria’s Symposium.


Case Study – SkyKick Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup – Learn how Boab IT saved a firm from paying thousands of dollars to recover their encrypted data being held hostage by ransomware!

Law Society Journal – November 2016

HOW TO BEAT HACKERS WITHOUT PAYING A RANSOM, prevention is key to protecting your law firm

In this issue of the Law Society Journal, Kate Allman interviews Nicholas Carr, Boab IT Managing Director, for his thoughts on the ever growing problem of ransomware.

Page 26 and 27, interview of Nicholas Carr by Kate Allman.

ALPMA – Your most important tool

Second only to your brain, your computer wins the prize as the most important tool in your profession. Depending on your area, you can spend up to 90% of your time working on it, reading, typing, sending emails or managing your matters.

See what else Nicholas Carr recommends to busy Practice Managers.

Law Society Journal – September 2014

Virtual Assistance – Tired of playing secretary when you should be with clients or in court? A new fixed-price virtual secretary service might just suit your practice.

Page 44, article written by Nicholas Carr – Managing Director.

Law Society Journal – July 2014

CLOUD STORAGE – You don’t have to be a large firm to consider the benefits of cloud services. Nicholas Carr outlines five things to consider before you ditch a traditional on-premise server.

Page 44, article written by Nicholas Carr – Managing Director.

Law Society Journal – June 2014

3 TECH PROBLEMS YOU MAY NOT KNOW YOU HAVE – Whether you’re representing your client in court, negotiating in a heated

arbitration or sitting at home watching the kids, you can still work effectively on emails and documents relating to your matters and remain confident your communication and data remains secure, writes Nicholas Carr.

Page 48, article written by Nicholas Carr – Managing Director.